Martyn Lewis Painter & Decorator

About Us

ML Decor Spray Finishes is run by Martyn Lewis, an interior and exterior decorator with over twenty years of experience. Thanks to the hundreds of jobs he’s done over the years, he has perfected his spraying and painting technique, delivering precisely what the customers want. He’s also always on the lookout for new methods and technology to ensure his finishes always retain the superb quality they have.

If we can say anything about Martyn Lewis, it’s that he’s a perfectionist, and he won’t be happy unless he delivers on or even exceeds his client’s expectations. This perfectionism shines through in every decorating job he’s done, as many satisfied customers will be able to confirm. And it’s also what’s constantly pushing him to improve both himself and his business, which has helped him earn the excellent reputation he now has. In other words, your home will be in good hands if you hire Martyn Lewis.

Martyn Lewis Painter Decorator