Air Filtration

When performing our painting and spraying jobs, we value your safety and comfort above all. Inhaling paint is nowhere near as dangerous these days as it was in the past, but it’s still not recommended. All experts agree that you should paint only in well-ventilated rooms with open windows. That way, the fumes don’t stick around quite as long.

Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. You won’t gain much from opening the windows if it’s raining, freezing, or unbearably hot. On top of that, even open windows and doors won’t effectively remove all the hazardous fumes. That’s why here at ML Decor Spray Finishes, we always bring our air filters and purifiers with us to assist us during our work.

Air purifiers trap and remove fumes and compounds that could be potentially dangerous. In addition, they remove pollen, allergens, mould, and dust, making your air safer to breathe overall. We usually turn on the purifiers before we begin painting and keep them on throughout the process. That way, you’ll hardly smell the paint or inhale any of the fumes. So you certainly won’t experience any of the unpleasant side effects.

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Importance of

Air Filtration Service

You undoubtedly know why clean air is good for you — that sort of a thing requires no explanation. But you may be wondering what precisely the dangers of inhaling paint fumes are. After all, everyone uses paint, so it should be pretty safe, shouldn’t it?

To an extent, that’s true. Paint fumes are not typically dangerous unless inhaled in significant quantities. If you’re painting in a closed room and breathing in the fumes for too long, you might experience nose, eyes, or throat irritation. In more extreme cases, your head could ache, or you might feel dizzy and nauseous. Paint is only truly deadly if you purposefully inhale it for a long time.

Still, we always bring our air purifiers and filters to avoid even these minor symptoms. That way, it’s more comfortable for everyone, and the air smells much nicer too!