Kitchen Spraying

Over the years of constant use, your kitchen is sure to lose some of its initial glow. You might consider renovating it and getting a new one when that happens. But if it’s still in fairly good condition, there is no need to spend money and time on such an endeavour. Instead, you could simply get a professional decorator to spray and refresh its doors, fixtures, and surfaces.

Although the difference between renovating and spraying is enormous, the effect will be much the same. Even if you’ve only got new coatings and paint for specific areas, your kitchen will look fresh and brand new. When a decorator does their job well, even the smallest transformation can change the room entirely.

And ML Decor Spray Finishes has just the kind of decorators you need. With our expert touch, your kitchen will look so good you won’t need to consider renovations for years!

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Wardrobes & Cabinets

Furniture Spraying

Have your wardrobes and cabinets lost their former shine? Maybe you’re thinking of throwing them out and replacing them with new ones, even if they’re still otherwise in good condition? There might not be a need for that, though. You could simply get your furniture sprayed, thus bringing out its colours and vibrancy once again.

Here at ML Decor Spray Finishes, we specialise in all sorts of spraying and decorating, and that includes, of course, wardrobes and cabinets spraying. Our highly polished finish will refresh your furniture and enhance the overall look of your room. It will be as if you bought brand new furniture, but without paying the total price.

And you’ll also be in complete control over the type of finish you want! We’ll give you our suggestions in case you need them, but the final decision is entirely yours.

Our Work

Kitchen and Furniture Spraying Gallery

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