UPVC Spraying

Since windows and doors are constantly exposed to the elements and UV light, it’s only natural that their colour would fade and turn yellow over time. But even though it’s normal, no one likes it when that happens. This fading makes your home look older and shabbier.

Luckily, UPVC spraying is a simple fix to this problem. It brings new vitality to your doors and windows, making them look fresh and polished. On top of that, the spray coating usually has a protective role as well, reducing the impact of UV light.

But you don’t have to wait for the colour to fade to try out UPVC spraying. This same spraying is used when you simply want to give your house a new look. For example, you may grow tired of your doors’ and windows’ current colours and decide to go for something different or bolder. In that case, UPVC spraying is in order.

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Highest Quality

UPVC Spraying Services

Of course, UPVC spraying requires specific knowledge and preparation, so you should always leave it to professionals. And ML Decor Spray Finishes is just that — a company that strives towards perfection and expertly completes every project. So if you want a premium-quality finish on your doors and windows, we are just who you should call.

Before we begin working, we will come and inspect your windows and doors to determine what exactly needs to be done. Then, we will start with cleaning and preparing the windows — they must be in great shape when we begin spraying.

The process itself shouldn’t last too long, but the results will be rather impressive. Your home will soon draw many gazes, and all thanks to your brand new UPVC finish!